Bad Girl

That girl. Define her. Tell me who she is. Faithful? Only until trust is lost. Two can play that game. Spite shall set you free. After separation, you have got to pay the price. Pay the cost to be the boss.. because it costs to be the boss, but not to ruin her life. That… Continue reading Bad Girl

Incurable Imperfection

Their bodies are undesirable in ways that you could never see. Their sexual organs are tainted, by carelessness and curiosity. To see all of the beauty on the outside, To understand the inside, To love what’s deeper than the skin. Their minds work the same. Their hearts beat like yours. Yet, you cast them aside, like… Continue reading Incurable Imperfection

The First Time

The yearn, the desire. Those with attraction often seek satisfaction from the body. This was the first time. Candle light flooded the room, casting shadows of their bodies on the walls. He pressed play and music filled the ears of the lovers. From the bottom to the top he covered her body with his. Her… Continue reading The First Time