Bad Girl

That girl. Define her. Tell me who she is. Faithful? Only until trust is lost. Two can play that game. Spite shall set you free. After separation, you have got to pay the price. Pay the cost to be the boss.. because it costs to be the boss, but not to ruin her life. That… Continue reading Bad Girl

The Truth Is…

I’m the kind of girl who runs from the pain because I can’t stand it. I’m the kind of girl who loves, but with love comes an emotional tornado that throws my whole life off balance. I’m the kind of girl who uses things and people as replacements for the things I once had, but eventually lost. The truth is this time I am… Continue reading The Truth Is…

You Make Me Weak

Reminiscing .. and I imagine: Your hair, at the length that I like. I run my fingertips through the nappy curls and massage your scalp. Your face, you hate it. I kiss the skin that to me is divine. Your eyes, ones that melt my heart. I imagine staring at those eyes everyday for the rest… Continue reading You Make Me Weak

The Days of a Myracle

Instagram. Holds so many memories for me. It’s hard to retrace your life through photos and relive every happy moment that no longer exists. To see the smile, the passion. To hear the laughter and know that things are not how they use to be. To pinpoint when it all changed. To visually walk the… Continue reading The Days of a Myracle