Bad Girl

That girl.

Define her.

Tell me who she is.


Only until trust is lost.

Two can play that game.

Spite shall set you free.

After separation, you have got to pay the price.

Pay the cost to be the boss.. because it costs to be the boss, but not to ruin her life.

That is free.

Do you know who she was before you changed her definition?


Now she is CRAZY, WILD and no longer PETITE.

Like the furnace on a winter night, all she does is blow heat.

Daydreamsย of the night life.

Popping pills and being an under the covers freak.

She wants the addiction, the thrill, the high, but none of the in between.

She’s a bad girl.

With the desire to be wanted because she’s afraid to be alone.

She’s a bad girl.

With a padlock on her heart that has no hole for a key.


17 thoughts on “Bad Girl

      1. Amen!! God heals and restores in His timing. So many of us put padlocks to protect us… but those locks will eventually have to come off for the process of healing to be completed. I know… I am still a “work in progress.” God bless you, my sister!

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  1. she was a bad girl when i met her, crushed and scared from the love she thought was love, i met her as a bad girl, so i gave her a dose of that bad and shot of that ache mixed with prescribed pain and hate. she couldn’t no longer consume the bad, i loved her down good, kissed her with the lips of joy to gladden all her sorrows and put a light to her darkness, i met her as a bad girl crushed from her past so i gave her a dose of good and promised it would last.

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