The Wall

The woman that I use to be is gone. I have found myself angry a lot lately. Annoyed by the presence of people. Annoyed by the words that they speak. I have become mean and blunt. Cold hearted and chilled from my head to my feet. I notice my anger, yet I can’t stop myself. I feel careless. I feel as if my heart is not in my chest anymore. I don’t like it. I suppose I have been building, building a wall. I think to myself “this is what it feels like to have a wall around your heart.” My heart is guarded. Frozen by pain and now I cannot feel. Surrounded by a wall of anger so that I can attempt to heal. The wall is up. Thanks to the people who helped me build.


2 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. WOW, I can totally relate to YOU and all that you wrote! At age 47 I have built up walls, and “Just put on a so called FAKE HAT to get through my day to day crap! If you ever need an email friend please contact me on my contact page we are so alike! ~Jackie Paulson~

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