Incurable Imperfection

Their bodies are undesirable in ways that you could never see.

Their sexual organs are tainted, by carelessness and curiosity.

To see all of the beauty on the outside,

To understand the inside,

To love what’s deeper than the skin.

Their minds work the same.

Their hearts beat like yours.

Yet, you cast them aside, like useless toys.

To deem the incurable as a personality trait.

Because they made an encounter into a lifelong imperfection.

Each story is different.

Each name, every face..

However, they all suffer a painful fate.


11 thoughts on “Incurable Imperfection

  1. With this piece, you are the cure. You can heal, so many others that feel unworthy and devalued. They can hold on to your words by whispering them in every ear they encounter. Being a voice, starts the discussion, and perfection begins to become a possibility.

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    1. That is so deep. The piece is designed to open the eyes of those who do not understand and to give the ones who endure this courage. The fact that you take from my words exactly what I wanted to be seen gives me hope and just blows my mind. Thank you for commenting!


      1. I read, and I brought in. So, I was able to see, what you felt. I am a “truth tellers”, so I have hurt alot of people in my quest for true, honest, strong connections. I am always trying to cure people of self pity and low-self worth. I heard the cries for help but have been drained because they continously cry. It’s nice to see that someone is tired of crying. So, you may be the best to help others to stop also….

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